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Police Collaborates with THE BATMAN Movie to Craft Four Limited Editon Watches


The alluring collection of watches include only 10,000 pieces globally, making the Police x THE BATMAN watch a coveted piece amongst watch enthusiasts



THE BATMAN Watch has a unique two-part case construction, evoking the character’s dual identity. Each case can be set to a separate time-zone, perfect for life’s international adventures. Signature elements - the Bat Symbol and movie title art - adorn the lower half of the timepiece in an industrial way. The two crowns at unusual positions drive the two separate dials. The Police logo on the cylindrical connecting rod adds the dash of Police craftsmanship. The textured leather strap compliments the overall look and feel of THE BATMAN watch.


THE BATMAN – Vengeance Edition Watch

The unabashed fury of THE BATMAN takes shape in the Vengeance edition. This timepiece is set with three dials for three separate time zones and comes in a black plated stainless-steel case and bracelet. The main dial is housed deep inside, with hour-markers rising upwards and outwards. The case and dial are wrapped in character with industrial screws and creative Bat Symbol layering that create a sense of depth and innovation. Each grooved crown carries the famed ‘P’ logo.


THE BATMAN – Gotham City Edition Watch 

An ode to the city that witnesses it all, The Gotham City edition comes alive with a radiant backlight feature inside a black plated stainless-steel case. The legendary Bat Symbol lights up across the dark honeycomb dial. A prominent crown is placed at the 4-hour position and is protected by the addition of a functional metal clasp. The watch is finished with a soft touch black silicon strap with The Bat Symbol engraved on metal hardware on each side.


THE BATMAN – Cat woman Edition Watch

A sleek multi-dial timepiece inspired by the swift and agile persona of the Catwoman. The watch comes in a black plated stainless-steel case and is adorned with a jet-black stone encrusted bezel. The textured two layered dial has a recessed Bat logo and is complimented by 12 beautifully faceted hour-markers and faceted polished hands, all in perfect sync with the Catwoman style. The leather strap has a character all of its own, textured in finish with functional hardware embellishments.



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