The Police x THE BATMAN Collector’s Edition


Dedicated to the world’s greatest detective of Gotham City, the masked vigilante known as THE BATMAN – The Police x THE BATMAN Collector’s Edition is a true tribute to the most iconic DC Superhero of all time.

The collectible timepiece features a limited-edition design inspired by the crime-ridden city that witnesses it all. The Gotham City watch is a strong and dark ensemble that comes alive with a radiant red backlight feature inside a black plated stainless-steel case. The red glow lights up the legendary Bat symbol that sits prominently across the dark honeycomb dial. A prominent crown is placed at the 4-hour position and is protected by the addition of a functional metal clasp. The watch is finished with a soft touch black silicon strap with The Bat Symbol engraved on metal hardware on each side.


The Police x THE BATMAN Collector’s Edition packaging is a specially designed red box with THE BATMAN silhouette embossed on the outer red sleeve. The case inside, housing the timepiece, is a carbon fibre 3D half Batwing, which, upon sliding out, completes the full, impressive Batwing design. That’s not all, once open, the case becomes a fully-fledged, freestanding Batwing complete with the Police x THE BATMAN logo and a Batsuit-inspired texture. Every Collector’s Edition box comes with a Green Letter envelope – the perfect nod to the most recent BATMAN movie, holding a special Collector’s booklet with exclusive stills from the film and a red card of authenticity.



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