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She is a multitalented 22-year old singer, actress and dancer – Zendaya who added the title “modern designer” to her list of latest achievements, which comes as a result of her cooperation with the US premium brand Tommy Hilfiger. 

Her vision of Tommy Hifiger X Zendaya Collection was created to mark the importance of the revolutionary women in the world of fashion who opened the doors of opportunities to girls like her. This interview gives some interesting insights about Zendaya's love for the 70s and how she deals with fame and her passions.

Zendaya! How does it feel to work with Tommy Hilfiger?

Great! I was lucky enough to have all my dreams come true. I worked with a great team of people who were dedicated and literally accomplished it all. I got everything I asked from them. These people are amazing and their energy is so special. I am proud of every person I had the opportunity to work with. I am just one small part of that huge team.

Why the 70s? 

Because of the effortless glamour. It was a different time when no fashion stylists existed. Everyone took care of their own style, and all fashion icons looked fabulous. I am fascinated by how interesting one’s personal style can beThere is something so honest and genuine about one's personal style and the courage it takes to wear what you want and the way you want. I admire that confidence very much. Never forget, chic and cool stuff always has a come-back.

Can you compare your present style to your style from 5 years ago?

My style varies and always has. Some people have a distinctive style, which I like a lot. Like Solange - one of my favorite women, performers and fashion icons. Her style is cohesive and recognizable. You always know it's the one. Lately, I've been thinking more often - What will my style grow into? That's why I decided to go with Tommy Hilfiger and take the direction of creating a stylish uniform that can match any mood and you still look glamorous.

What is for you an ideal Friday night?

Usually, I don't do anything special. I like to relax, so I mainly enjoy my time at home, with my puppy and my younger nieces. I love their energy and I often like to tease them. They're in some weird teenage age and they don't see me as very cool. Also, Harry Potter is always a great option :).

In terms of your beauty routine - What's the best tip for looking flawless?

The best advice I can give to a person who wears makeup is: "Don't go to sleep with your makeup on!" We need to take care of our skin and our overall looks.

Life can easily become stressful and things can move too fast - Do you have any mental health tips or coping mechanisms you'd like to share with us?

I'm trying to figure out that for myself. I think a good mechanism is to talk to people, even to someone you don't know that well. It also helps when you get things that weigh you down off your chest.

What helps me is writing down how I feel and the good things that happen to me. It is interesting how easy it is to forget them.

And of course, Harry Potter!

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