Diesel watches are known around the world as irresistible fashion accessories. If you want a watch of this brand, be prepared for a pleasant surprise.  We will share with you the brief history of this brand, so that you get a better idea of the watch you want to buy.


The origin of the company

The story of Diesel dates back to 1978 when Renzo Rosso founded the company in Italy. Diesel watches did not exist at the time, as the main focus of the company used to be designing clothes.

At first, Diesel was a fairly unknown and minor brand from a global point of view. Looking from today’s perspective, it is hard to believe how such a small brand could grow into one of the most famous brands in the world. Actually, its international expansion started in the early 1990s.

Marketing strategy

The international marketing strategy of the company started in 1991 when, one may say, things started to change. It was then when the reputation of the brand started to flourish, making this brand globally famous.

Five years later, Diesel opened their first store in New York. At the same time, the sales throughout the USA went up significantly, and since then, the brand started to conquer other countries in the world.

Focus on the younger population

Diesel has always targeted younger population. Diesel watches perfectly accessorize modern wardrobe, and when matched together, they give any life-style an edge.

Wilbert Das is the main “culprit” for this successful strategy. He joined the company in 1988 and was responsible for the creative solutions, including the collections of licensed watch.

Continuous innovation

Diesel proved to be an innovative and stylish brand, with the quality of their watches making them popular around the world. Being a true innovator for two decades, Diesel will definitely continue to create unique and exciting models of wristwatches for years to come.

Enjoy your historic timepiece

Diesel watches are a great fashion accessory and when you buy a Diesel watch you know that you own a timeless piece of globally famous timepiece. Now that you know some of this brand’s history, by choosing a Diesel watch you can be certain of buying an exquisite fashion decoration.

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