Sunset party in early summer, clubbing atmosphere, casual-elegant occasions. Aleksandra and Borjana, together with Jacques Lemans, evoked the better times, the normal life we all desire.

Aleksandra: “Black& hello” is the third photo shoot of the #MomentsForUs series where the main focus is put on Jacques Lemans watch. What I love best about this watch is its minimalistic design and the black colour, reflecting the surrounding colours in the subtlest way.

Borjana: I love the most its monochromatic sophistication, and the quality and the detail of the making.

Aleksandra: The features of this watch make it easy to match it with all kinds of combinations of clothes and occasions, whether it is an everyday event or something more formal.

Borjana: I think the watch is elegant as it is, but it’s also so easy to adapt it to various styles, because of its monochrome colour. I would wear it at a meeting, party, at the university, or an event…in fact, in all seasons and in all smart casual occasions.

Aleksandra: Absolutely the best choice for an evening in the club, combined with slip silk dress, while “Soul Control” plays in the background.

Borjana: The first image that this watch evoked in my mind, be it situation and/or mood, is: sunset party in summer, I am wearing black Jacques Lemans watch and a contrasting, midi light-colour dress and cowboy boots. And not to forget: lots of sequins.

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