What happens when two creative souls finally make the long-awaited cooperation true? – Incredibly special moment that lives in the work we created. (literally, “can’t fake this feeling of positivity and synergy”)

Ever since our first chat with Aleksandra (@aaaesthete) and Borjana (@bor.jana) it was clear that this was not just a project of posing, shooting and show of material, but of fun, expression of styles and synergy of ideas and energy. How this creative process and how the first shooting session of #MomentsForUs developed, the two of them will tell.

Borjana:  I am so excited to write this text about a completely different photoshoot, one of my favourite ones so far. The first and foremost reason why I feel excited and impatient is the fact that it is just me and Sani (Aleksandra) behind the scene, together with the watches and the jewelry of MY:TIME. They gave us incredible inspiration for the photoshoot. It is truly wonderful to be near Sani, both privately and professionally, and it is not difficult to feel the source of positivity and creativity that is all around us. I have to point out the second reason, and that is my personal background for this session, the clothes. Even though I own myriad of pieces of clothing, those that I don’t own always become my favourite ones. I keep upgrading my wardrobe with pieces owned by my closest family, especially my grandmother, pieces that hold special sentimental significance for me. So, in this photo shoot, there were pieces of clothing that my family, knowingly or unknowingly, gave to me and they are of various origin, fabrics or year of production. Yet, all are presented through my style and the lenses of Sani.”

Aleksandra: “One of my favourite things in my profession is the trust and the creative freedom that I get from my client, as well as the creative support from my collaborator. This series happened spontaneously as a result of long months of creative blockade and the desire to revive creativity, as well as the long-discussed idea of cooperation of three individuals. Each one of the eight sessions is inspired by MY:TIME products, Bojana’s wardrobe and my forgotten mood-boards, but also the wish to exit the comfort zone and discover the opportunities of my four-walled studio”.

Borjana: This is our first photo session of the series and it has the name “Can’t fake this feeling”. The energy, which we hope we transposed, goes back to the discotheques in the 70-80s.”

Aleksandra:”The first series is inspired by the new normalcy and what we miss the most at this moment, the disco parties. The photographs have a glowy, misty effect that brings along the retro touch that we wanted, and the white background was chosen not to take the attention away from the model. The beam of light that I wanted to use for quite some time, fit perfectly here, putting the Fossil watch and jewelry in the focus”.

Borjana: “You can see the Fossil LANEY golden watch on me, as well as the Fossil VINTAGE MOTIFS jewelry (earrings, bracelet and necklace). I also wear a silk shirt that belonged to my grandmother. Behind the scenes, disco music with funk elements was playing, giving the shoot its final touch”.


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