Read what Aleksandra Trpeska, the girl who needs no introduction, shared with us!

You probably know her by her nickname Majestic. She is famous for her stylish transformations, and each of them is a hit, just like her honesty, perseverance and her recommendations. Join the story!


Hi everyone!

This is my premier on the MY:TIME blog, new stories, post-lockdown stories. I am Alex and I am glad we get together in this post.

I am one of those who finds joy in small things, brief moments and dear people. I love to inspire and be inspired by what is around me.

Style to me is complete only when combined with fashion accessories. I used to be addicted to wearing wristwatches, but now I have the knack for jewelry, especially earrings. One of my favourite brands for earrings and bracelets is Just Cavalli.

The watch reminds me of how quickly time passes, and how important it is to know how to spend it. I am in favour of spending some quality time spent with myself. I enjoy spending time in the day on reading, at least a few pages of a book, a blog or on listening to a good podcast.

Speaking of time, I just love to watch it pass on my Rosefield watch. Every time I wear it, I have these wonderful feelings, maybe because I believe that we associate objects with good memories!

Out of all wonderful moments, this is the one I want to single out! There is no better feeling and time, than right now!

What is your favorite moment? Which fashion accessory reminds you of your beautiful moments, how would you describe your style?

I challenge you to share it with us and use #MomensForUs and tag!


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