Watch warranty



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Every wristwatch bought in MY:TIME has a 2 (two) year warranty, valid from the day of purchase.

The warranty does not cover jewelry and leather haberdashery as they are susceptible only to mechanical damage caused by the user and the standard wear and tear.

The warranty covers defect in manufacture, in respect of quality and proper functioning of the watch when used in normal conditions.

The warranty does not apply to:

  • Watch case and crown, glass, strap, chain accessories as they are susceptible to breakage on impact, discoloration caused by water, chemicals, heat, fire or frost.
  •  Battery as it is an expendable item;
  • Mechanical damages;
  • Exposure to magnetic field or static electricity that can affect the hands of the watch and its mechanism;
  • Ddamage caused by improper use, neglect or wrong maintenance, attempts for unauthorized repairs, normal wear and tear, loss, misuse or theft of any kind.

The deadline within which we will act on the customer’s request to activate the warranty for removal of defects and deficiencies will not be longer than 30 days (CPL, Article 48). For repairs out of the warranty, the customer can contact our authorized repair service.

The warranty can be used only within the warranty period, by enclosing the product that is a subject of the warranty, properly stamped warranty sheet and the original fiscal invoice.

The customer is entitled to all legal rights arising from the national legislation on sale of products. These right are not affected by the warranty. For issues not covered by the warranty, the Consumers Protection Law shall apply.

*Keep the warranty and all documents you received with the purchase of the watch!

* The warranty for servicing is valid only in the country where the purchase was made!

We reserve the right to cancel warranty if it is established that the watch has been opened or damaged by an unauthorized person.