MY:Time Club

The membership in MY:TIME Loyalty Club is free and can be done in any MY:TIME store, or online via our web-site by clicking on PROFILE.

Every registered user of the website is a registered member in MY:TIME Loyalty Club.

Every natural person older than 18 years of age can become a member of MY:TIME Loyalty Club.

All purchases/orders by the member made in any of our stores or online shall be registered in their profile (when shopping online, the member needs to register with their profile for the purchase to be recorded)

Every member of the Club can check the level status and the rewarded points by logging in the website and selecting MY:TIME CLUB and PROFILE.


Every member is awarded a level of membership in the Club and is entitled to a percentile discount depending on the spent amount.

Level of membership Amount spent Percentile discount for Standard offer Percentile discount for Premium offer * Duration of the discount
MEMBER With membership 5% / permanent
BASIC from 10,001 to 15,000 10% / 6 months (180 days)
SILVER from15,001 to 30,000 15% 5% 3 months (90 days)
GOLD from 30,001 to 60,000 20% 10% 3 months (90 days)
PLATINUM from 60,001 to 90,000 25% 15% 3 months (90 days)
DIAMOND from 90,001 up 30% 20% 3 months (90 days)

*Premium offer includes brands: Seiko Conceptual Series, Seiko Presage, Seiko Prospex, Seiko 5 Sports, Maurice Lacroix.

*Standard offer includes all other brands in MY:TIME portfolio.

If the level of membership is about to expire, the Club member needs to make a minimum transaction of at least 100 Denars for the same level of membership to be extended.



Besides the above-mentioned discounts, every member of MY:TIME CLUB is awarded 1 point per 10 Denars spent. The points can be used for buying the one-time discount badge.

Points needed to buy a badge Percentile discount for Standard offer Percentile discount for Premium offer
500 10% one-time /
750 15% one-time 5% one-time
1.500 20% one-time 10% one-time
3.000 25% one-time 15% one-time
4.500 30% one-time 20% one-time

Example: If a member purchased a product from the Standard offer in value of 15,200.00 Denars, they receive 1520 points and -15% discount because they are in SILVER level of membership. The points can be used to buy a badge for one-time discount and get -20% on the next purchase. Also, that transaction can help the member go up to the next level of membership.



Every member of MY:TIME CLUB can use the points to buy a gift. 

Loyalty Club Gifts

Added to favorites
Club Gift 17607
2.000 МКД
Added to favorites
Club Gift 19935
1.500 МКД
Added to favorites
Club Gift 21280
1.500 МКД


For birthday – additional 5% discount for the period of 7 days, that is, one membership level higher. If in DIAMOND, additional 500 fixed points.

For the membership anniversary – additional 5% discount for the period of 7 days, that is one membership level higher. If in DIAMOND, additional 500 fixed points


Discounts approved on the basis of the membership level, the points acquired through purchase in MY:TIME and the additional discounts from the Loyalty Club are valid only for products that have regular price. For products already discounted and which are a subject to benefits for Club members, the higher discount will be calculated.

The points and the badges are not transferable and may be used only by the member of the Club. Discounts may not be combined and/or accumulated. The consumer will be allowed to use the highest discount of all available discounts for that product.


MY:TIME has the right to withhold points or badges in cases when a violation of the Terms and rules of the Club has been established, or if any other applicable regulation for validity, fraud of abuse of Club membership has been breached.


Your personal data entered during the membership procedure in MY:TIME Loyalty Club will be processed in accordance with the regulation on personal data protection. For more information about the personal data processing, please read the Privacy Policy.